Leaderboard Point System

Gotta Get’em all!


  • HBSA Spirit Challenge appeals to the …

    3-10 points

  • The Executive Board Scavenger Hunt Challenge demands to take a photo with every member from the E-Board in a 2 week time period. In the case of a tie, places are given by the shortest completion time.

    • 1st place:    7 points
    • 2nd place:  5 points
    • 3rd place:   3 points
  • One of  the hardest challenges from HBSA, the network master must be able to refer five new members in a month to HBSA. This challenge does not affect to the individual points earned from networking points.

    15 points


  • This challenge is all about making a viral social media post in the period of one month. Depending on the medium you can earn:

    • Video:      10 points
    • Picture:    5 points
  • Follow HBSA in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, OrgSync and Linkedin; and accumulate 20 =shares in one month

    8 points

  • Published on one of our social mediums between Fridays and Sundays

    Points to earned are given in the announcement. 



  • Outside Events from the Official HBSA events, such as: other organizations, business related events, … among others

    Assitance: 1 points

  • Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is an associate organization to HBSA. Volunteering and networking in their events will count as points.

    Volunteer:    2 points
    Networking: 2 points

  • Showing HBSA to your friend is a great way to get more out of the experience.

    Normal Member: 1 point    / per member
    Paid Member:       3 points / per member


  • Connect with a new sponsor for HBSA: 1-20 points

  • Outside Career Fairs from HBSA.

    Assistance: 2 points